1. Lactures/Speeches of immenient personalites visited Sanstha In last 35 years we have arranged lactures & speeches of immenient personalites named Ratnakar Matkari, Jaywant Dalvi, Ranjit Desai, Satish Alekar, Vijay Tendulkar, Mahesh Elkunchwar. Critics Smt. Pushpa Bhave, Madhav Manohar, Dr. V. B. Deshpande.T. V. Producer Dr. Kiran Chitre, Dr. Vishwas Mehendale.Aesthetician Dr. Rajiv Naik.Writer Anant Bhave. Educationist Pr. Gopalrao Mayekar, Dr. Lila Patil. Science fiction writer & journalist Dr. Bal Phondake. Actor & Director Dr. Jabbar Patel & Vijaya Mehata.
  2. Celebration of 10th year complition & silver Jublee year of Nath Pai One act Paly On the occasion of 10th year of Nath Pai one act play sanstha hosted various cultural programs and published souvenir. Year 2002 was celebrated as a Silver Jubilee Year for Nath Pai One Act Play Competition. Various functions wereorganised & commemorate this event. Felicitation of Dr. Sriram Lagoo, Damu Kenkare & Vijay Tendulkar the trimurtee of marathi stage. These stalwarts were felicitated in their diamond jubilee year by the Chief Guest Shri. Chandrakant Gokhale, the veteran film and drama personality.Vasantro Acharekar Sanskritik Pratishthanconducted out the survey of the assosiations hosting the “one act play competition" in Sindhudurg Dist. A get-together of all these activists was hosted. The Chiefs of I.N.T.,Purshottam, Sufala, Mrigjala the major association of Maharashtra who have been conducting the one act play competitions were present on the occassion. In honour of famous playwright Vijay Tendulkar a special festival of his one act plays was organised. Dr. Sriram Lagoo inaugarated the “Script Bank” of one act plays during this festival. Some 1250 scripts are available here in this first “Script Bank” in Konkan Region. On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee year of Vasantrao Acharekar Sanskritik Pratishthan, held seminar named “ Marathi Rangbhumi Sadyasthicha Dhandola” paticipated by young talented actor, director, playwriters, technitionsProp. Satish Alekar, Dr. Shashikant Barahanpurkar, Dr. Rajiv Naik, Kamalakar Nadkarni, Pravin Bhole shared their experiences with young generation. Sanstha orginised photo exibation. This exibation inaugarated by Dr. Sriram Lagoo.
    स्पर्द्येच्या ३२ व्या वर्षी नाथ पै एकांकिका स्पर्धा स्पर्धेचे स्वरूप बाजुला सारून नाथ पै एकांकिका स्पर्द्ये महोत्सवाचे स्वरूप धारण केले आहे. हा बदल खुल्या गटा  पुरताच आहे. खुल्यागटातील हा बदल लेखककेंद्रि आहे. एकाच एकांकीकारच्या एकांकिका या महोत्सव सादर केल्या जातत. स्वतः लेखक हजर राहून रंगकर्मी  एकांकिका कशा सादर करतात ते पाहतात, नव्या पीडीचे रंगकर्मी आपल्या एकांकिका कशा स्वीकारतात,  आशयाच्या बाजूने ते कसे व्यक्त होतात याचा अनुभव घेतात व या  नव्या पीडीच्या रंगकर्मी बरोबर संवादही सधतात. या महोत्सवाचे छायाचित्रण करून जतन केले जाते. आजपर्यंत एकांकिका महोत्सवात मा. रत्नाकर मतकरी , प्रा. सतीश आळेकर , मा. प्रेमानंद गज्वी, मा. संजय पवार या लेखकांच्या एकांकिका सादर झाल्या आहेत. 
  1. Hosting of 78th Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Natya Sammelan Vasantro Acharekar Sanskritik Pratishthan was given this prestigious opportunity to host this national level meet of Marathi drama in 1998. The major atraction of this event was a special stage and pandall erected for performance of
    folk art forms of Sindhudurg district. This gave the opportunity forSindhudurg folk artists to present their art in front of the concerning audience who had come here from all over India. The another special attraction was seprate platform for children's theatre. This was the fist time in the history of Marathi drama conference that specail platforms were made available for folkart & children's theatre. The souvenir "Kanakrang" published on this occassion was well received and appreciated by laymen as well as connossiears. One appreciative remark about the "Kanakrang" was : This is the best reference book for the students & spectators of Marathi drama.