About Us
The personality of the society can be judged by the degree of civilization and its cultural progress. Economic development plays a large part in enrichment of this personality but more than that the liberalised thought process plays a larger role in it. To enjoy the life in its full glory awakening of creative and critical appreciation is a must. The Konkan region is famous for the sheer brilliant talent of its people. Many of the stalwarts in drama, music & painting world have their origin in Konkan. Late Vasantrao Acharekar was one such beloved person in the music world. His fame was not solely as an accompanist Tabala Maestro of Pt. Kumar Gandharva of Hindustani Classical Music, but for his efforts in bringing together all music lovers spread all over India. His memories inspired in setting up of this trust in 1981 and was uptly named as “Vasantrao Acharekar Sanskritik Pratishthan.” our Aims and Objective are to Conduct of such seminars / series of lectures which will inspire in studies / research of cultural activities prevalent in this area. Plays are the most powerful medium through which awareness about social realities can be expressed. Keeping this in mind, conducting of one act play competition, drama competition, Play writing competition was inevitable. Music plays a major role in any drama. So conducting of competitions for classical / light classical vocal and instrumental music. Arranging of training camps for dramas and music.Creating awareness about literature in neo-literates. For this hosting of story telling / poety reading sessions. Also arranging of conversations with litterateur. Providing guidence / coaching for new and upcoming authors. Development activities regarding basic folk arts of Sindhudurg District. i.e. Dashavtar, Chitrakathi & Lalit.Vasantrao Acharekar Sanskritik Pratishthan has been continuously doing effort and undertaking various activities for attaining the above mentioned goals.